Crypto Expo 2022: Hundreds of questions were raised for SportE’s founder at the Thailand EXPO event with more than 7k investors


Recently, SportE has attended the Thailand Crypto Expo event — one of Southeast Asia’s most influential Crypto events. The event has attracted more than 7000 investors to participate. This is a great opportunity for new but promising Crypto projects like SportE to be introduced to the public. Among the participating projects, SportE had made an impressive launch with the beta test version, attracting many investors to download and experience. CEO of SportE — Mr. Nhu Viet Le was also present to introduce and answer hundreds of questions from investors about the SportE project.

The questions raised were mainly about SportE’s gameplay, tokennomics, the anti-inflation/cheat mechanism, and roadmap. All were answered directly by Mr. Nhu Viet Le at the event. Investors can also download instantly and experience the exciting gameplay of SportE — a sports and fitness app that utilizes blockchain technology to provide users with a complete experience, blending gaming and social features in a virtual environment. With the explosion of gamefi and crypto in recent years, investors are becoming warrier and warrier about new projects. Meeting and talking directly with the CEO is a great opportunity for investors to view the project comprehensively and increase credibility.

The game is ruling the roost of the Crypto community globally; SportE has received positive reviews from investors at the event. Mr. Nhu Viet Le — CEO of SportE — shared: ‘’We always aim to bring actual values ​​to the community, and SportE is the project that helps me realize it. Inspired by the move to earn trend, we have upgraded and improved SportE to become a more complete and suitable app for more players. Through the project, we hope to be able to popularize daily healthy exercise habits widely and receive support from the crypto community and sports lovers in general.’’

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