How to buy/sell NFT on SportE’s MarketPlace!

The NFT marketplace is a connecting platform for buyers and sellers to trade, sell, and purchase digital works. An active NFT Marketplace is crucial for any GameFi to attract users and make a significant contribution to the project’s success.
It can sometimes be confusing for the 1st time you join a new NFT marketplace, but with SportE Marketplace, worry not as it is designed to meet all of your needs and is user-friendly.

Here are the guidelines for users to freely navigate our Marketplace.

SportE’s Marketplace


First of all, users need to sign-up for an account, and then bind the account with their trusted crypto wallet (for instance Metamask — the most commonly used wallet) by giving the correct password of the wallet.
Click on the video to watch how to create an account and bind it with Metamask:

After creating an account and binding it with your wallet, you can commence trading NFTs. Your NFT items can be traded in $BNB (and later in $SPE — SportE’s native token)


In SportE’s Marketplace, NFT items will be categorized into 3 separate lists.

  • “App Inventory”: list of NFT you earn from gameplay and events, which can be used as in-game items.
  • “NFT Wallet”: NFTs you choose to bring on Marketplace for trading.
  • “Listing”: NFTs that are in the selling process.
Inventory of Marketplace


It is all up to you — whether you decide to keep the NFT in “App Inventory” to use it in gameplay or list it in “NFT Wallet” to trade it for real fiat.
Your NFT items can be transferred between 2 lists and the transfer can be done with your wallet confirmation.


  • Step 1: Go to Marketplace, filtering the list to find the NFTs of your choice.
  • Step2: Select the NFT and click “Buy now”
  • Step 3: Check all the details and confirm the transaction with MetaMask.

(For the future, an NFT can also be bought in an auction. A prospective buyer can also submit their offer to the owner of the NFT to negotiate for a better price)

After successfully completing the transaction, your newly bought NFT will be stored in “NFT Wallet”. If you want to use that NFT as an in-game item, you can convert it to “App Inventory” for the later in-game experience.


To sell NFT can be a little bit trickier than buying. For selling, one needs to transfer their NFT from “App Inventory” to “NFT Wallet”.

One can choose to sell their items at:
- Fixed price: set a price and sell it; or
- Auction (Currently not available to use. This function will be soon released at later stage): You can set the bidding time and initial bidding price, and anyone who desires to purchase the item can bid for it. You can choose to sell NFT to the buyer of the highest bid or to any buyer of your preference.

  • Step 1: Select the NFT you want to sell in “NFT Wallet” and click “Sell”.
  • Step 2: Set up your selling price and confirm. Your sole-to-be NFT will be listed in “Listing”.
  • Step 3: Confirm to sell with Metamask. When the transaction is completed, your just-sold NFT will no longer be in “Listing”.

That’s it! Now you’ve got all of the information for hanging around SportE’s Marketplace.

Happy trading!

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