Move to earn: A chance to make money?

Features of the “Move to Earn” trend

Gameplay: Move to Earn focuses on changing people’s actions in real life to worth rewards on Blockchain.

The reality; Help people be more healthy: Not similar to the traditional games, “Move to earn” incentive people to have more actions related to physical. Through “Move to earn,” not only do exercise, but people also still earn money.

NFT, Marketplace: Like the Crypto market trend, “Move to Earn” projects still have NFT in their protocol to earn money.

Applications of sensors and GPS: To pay rewards fairly for players, “Move to Earn” games now use GPS and sensor technology. This technology is not only for gameplay but also used to prevent cheating from gamers.

Where is the chance for the “Move to Earn” trend?

Like Game-Fi, investors can earn so much when this trend is hot. In the short term, investors can earn so much from it. Therefore, if you join in these trends, you can have a chance to have a daily income that can be up to tens or hundreds of dollars if you work hard.

Down to earth, the potential of Move to Earn is excellent, but it will need time and proper attention from the community. Everyone remembers the Pokemon Go app that created a worldwide craze in 2017–2018. This game is the easiest to-grasp example of a similar model, Move to Earn. So what if, in the future, Move to Earn games and apply VR or AR technology to running?

What is the difficulty of “Move to earn”?

The number of Users

Unlike regular “Game-Fi,” “Move to earn” requires the action in reality so that not everyone can join. In addition, almost users join in only take care of profit plus inflation, and we can’t avoid the decrease in the number of users.

Condition to join

Investors will need a large budget to join “Move to earn.”


Although “Move to earn” still attract many people, in the long-term is still a question mark. Almost “Game-Fi” will make it hard to avoid inflation. However, “Move to earn” will be a big trend and we can earn money in the long-term, healthier through this trend.

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