Move-to-earn meets web3

Most of the existing web2 startups that pay people to work out haven’t been able to gain much traction.

Why? Because it’s difficult to bootstrap the capital and network needed to sustain a robust pay-to-workout economy — which means many models are set up with backward incentives.

For example, HealthyWage is a company that pays users for meeting their weight loss goals. Unfortunately, the company set up its revenue structure so that it profited when users didn’t meet their goals… it’s not hard to see why this created a clear conflict of interest.

But blockchain is injecting the move-to-earn with new life. As Chris Dixon explains, token incentives in web3 bootstrap networks drive supply and demand with unprecedented speed and volume.

Instead of levering profit off of users’ fitness goals, companies can take a small fee off transactions, which adds positive incentives to help more people lead healthier lifestyles. And in addition, blockchain financial structures help users become invested in the project and have a sense of ownership, which boosts their investment in their fitness journey.

One powerful example of a company that does this successfully is SportE. SportE is a move-and-earn app that rewards users for moving outdoors. To earn tokens, users purchase a digital sneaker from its NFT marketplace and walk, run, or jog outdoors.

What’s next?

This is only the beginning for SportE. Even with its parabolic growth, the company has massive potential to grow even bigger. It will be poised to penetrate the web2 fitness market and revolutionize the space — reaching an audience beyond what the fitness industry currently speaks to.

By providing accessibility, inclusivity, and a mission to help millions of people live a healthier lifestyle, SportE has big plans to usher in the next evolution of fitness.

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