Move-to-Earn: SportE App — Get Paid to Exercise

Well if you thought Play-to-Earn platforms are the Endgame, here’s the ultimate breakthrough concept called Move-to-Earn (M2E) that is gaining traction at such a fast pace and for all the right reasons!!

Who would have thought that simply moving your body could earn you money? You heard that right! The M2E crypto app model is built in such a way that all the users need to do is move their body or exercise which not only improves their health but also pays them for doing so.

The idea behind the M2E apps is proof that there are innumerable possibilities in this enormous Web3 space. If you’re curious about M2E, here’s a look at the move-to-earn concept, the trending M2E crypto apps, and methods to earn using M2E apps.

How Does Move-to-Earn Apps Work?

Move-to-earn crypto apps use the player’s mobile device’s sensors such as GPS, step-counters, etc to track their movements and automatically reward them for their physical activity. Similar to P2E games, some M2E games are free to play, while others require the player to buy an NFT in order to begin.

How Do You Earn Using Move-to-Earn Apps?

  1. Exercise

Most of the move-to-earn apps are based on regular exercise. The basic idea is that if you move around in the real world while running, walking, etc, you will be rewarded with in-game tokens.

Running around in parks, streets, and forests is the centerpiece of the M2E strategy. Most M2E crypto apps give players their unique in-game currency as a reward.

With these M2E apps, you can accumulate in-game money, use it on the platform, or exchange it for real money.

2. Trading

Since in-game items and NFTs are a crucial component of move-to-earn apps, there is a brisk market for them on secondary marketplaces.

3. Staking

The majority of these move-to-earn apps have a good staking facility because they all use GameFi mechanics. The SportE App has introduced what they refer to as perpetual staking, which allows users to stake once and receive rewards indefinitely. SportE’s users can stake their Shoe NFTs to earn rewards.

4. Minting

On M2E apps like SportE, players can mint essential in-game NFTs, which they can later use or sell on the open market.

Play-to-Earn vs Learn-to-Earn vs Move-to-Earn


The enthusiasm around move-to-earn apps, despite being new to the Web3 space, isn’t going away anytime soon thanks to their distinct concepts that draw users from all over the world.

Because the M2E concept is simple to understand, it will be worthwhile for those not part of the Web3 community because they will be able to make money from the things they already do every day while also learning about the Web3 and blockchain industries.

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