With Play-to-Earn, the 2021 trend, on the other side of development, crypto investors, as well as developers, need fresh air to blow back the vibrant. And Move-to-Earn appeared as a reasonable solution in terms of content, market, and positive intentions it brought. The following article will help you answer the question, What is Move-to-Earn? Why is Move-to-Earn thriving? How will Move-to-Earn develop in the near future?

What is Move-to-Earn?

After a year of battling the Covid pandemic, blockchain technology took the throne by enabling users to earn money through a variety of xx-to-earn models in addition to trading, staking, and farming coins. The most well-known variations of this model are play2earn, shop2earn, and share2earn, and most recently, move-to-earn has emerged as the newest fashion. Although Move-to-Earn has been around since 2021 and has seen the launch of several initiatives, its popularity and success at this point still cannot be compared to the Play-to-Earn trend.

Moving on to 2022, when Play-to-Earn stopped attracting investment with too many scandalous projects, Move-to-Earn won the hearts of the majority of the community. Formed from the concept of combining both making money and improving health, two things seem difficult to link together in the DeFi market.

Move-to-Earn is a model for helping users earn money through daily movements by using sensing technology and measuring the movements of the trainers. Trainers can earn more by buying, selling, and upgrading in-app NFTs like shoes. With the practical application and outstanding benefits that Move-to-Earn brings, Move-to-Earn has won the hearts of most of the crypto community.

Why is Move-to-Earn?

  • High practicality and applicability

After a period of “being a drone” during the pandemic, health and exercise are the two factors that have received the most attention. However, the hardest thing to keep practicing every day is staying motivated. Targeting that psychology, Move-to-Earn has formed a motivation that everyone wants to have, financial motivation. Just by participating in simple sports activities such as jogging, push-ups, and jumping right at home, trainers can earn a daily income.

Therefore, Move-to-Earn can be a bridge to push people closer to blockchain technology, not only expanding the market but also connecting with real-life activities. Maybe in the near future, in addition to walking or jogging, we will also see other sports such as tennis, cycling, gymnastics, etc. being applied to Move-to-Earn through the Move-to-Earn model.

  • Diverse users

If Play-to-Earn is limited to players who need a lot of time, knowledge of the game, and are partly traditional gamers, then Move-to-Earn has a diverse customer base for everyone with an easy concept because basically everyone can do the simple activities mentioned above.

Move-to-Earn certainly does not stop with crypto enthusiasts but will also spread to non-crypto when health issues are of much concern to people around the world.

Typically in the United States, according to data provided by the Sports Association (SFIA Research), up to 50 million people, equivalent to 15% of the US population, participate in running activities. At the same time, according to the International Institute for Research in Medicine in Running (IIRM), over the past decade, the number of people participating in running has also increased by 50%. With just a few of the numbers mentioned above, it is enough to understand the great potential of Move-to-Earn

In addition, Move-to-Earn is easy to apply to organize events such as Marathon, short-distance running, etc. to reach and attract more customers. Thereby spreading the trust as well as the knowledge of many people with crypto.

  • NFT

NFT (Non-fungible Token) is a unique token and cannot be replaced by other tokens. Non-fungible Tokens represent different items or assets of value, with the unique nature of this type making NFT more popular in the market than ever. Who doesn’t want assets only owned by them and have their unique identifiers attached, so NFT is very suitable to combine with DeFi.

How will Move-to-Earn be?

This is just the beginning of a very long journey for Move2Earn; their trend is proved to be potential if this type of DeFi model is properly invested in expanding and applied more in practical life.

Following this market movement, SportE was born to bring Move2Earn to another level, heading toward not only moving but Fitness2Earn with multi-sport such as swimming, cycling, pushup,…. Integrating with AI technology, SportE evolves and calculates the most suitable approach to your holistic wellness; your movements are also guided and fixed instantly by SportE's AI-powered virtual trainer. And finally, our ambition is to create a Social Hub by connecting people with the same fitness interest together to make a social-Fi for everyone to interact online, share knowledge, and get support from others. The vision is to head forward to Metaverse where everyone can meet in a virtual world.

Do not miss SportE because we will make the different in Move-to-Earn!

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