We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with CyberKidz (Freemint). About CyberKidz:

• 2222 2D FREEMINT CK Passes

• 7363 3D Launch

The CK Pass is an NFT project that provides exclusive holder benefits | CK Passes = access to a Phase II Launch, Utility Token, Lock2Earn + P2E

CyberKidz is having a giveaway 100 Whitelist as ticket for users who reach the milestone 100k steps on SportE app.

You can download here and don’t miss your change to be on Whitelist!!!

✅ For iOS:

✅ For Android:

OFFICIAL WEBSITES AND RESOURCES: Official website| Whitepaper| Litepaper|Medium|Linktree
SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter|Discord|Reddit|Fanpage|Instagram|Youtube
MARKETPLACE: SportE Marketplace



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