We’re so excited to announce the SportE x Monsta partnership.

Let’s continue to revolutionize the world of P2E-gaming!

👹 Monsta is an original collection Male Monsta who had to leave their home planet due to a meteorite strike. They are hoping to start a new life on earth 👹

👺 Fully doxxed founders!

👺 A Pokemon-Go style Play 2 Earn game!

👺 An awesome comic-style storyline!

🔥 Attention!!! Monsta will be giving away 1000 Raging Monsta Roles (WL) when you reach a milestone in SportE app. So you can mint more **Free NFTS** 🔥

How enter the community?

☑️ Enter their discord and place a shoe emoticon 👟 in ‘General chat’


1. Total 1000 slots WL Freemints of the MONSTA project

2. Duration: Starting from 17:00 June 27th to July 1st

3. Channel: Please join Monsta Discord to proceed next steps: https://discord.gg/NzrKVpHbRq

4. Rules:

🔹 Users must own at least 1 NFT shoe.

🔹 Users who reach the most recent milestone (for example you reach 10k steps milestone, the next milestone is 25k) will have a chance to win 01 NFT SPORTE x MONSTA card in the SportE app.

🔹 Each account can only receive 1 card which means 01 WL slot.

🔹 When 1000 accounts receive the NFT card, the campaign will end, we will announce the list of winning wallets (holding that NFT card in the app) to enter the WL of MONSTA.

🔹 Those who are slow (not running), do not reach any milestones will not have a chance to receive WL.

🔥 The collections with higher value and can be sold in the market will be the gifts that SPORTE provides to GENESIS NFT HOLDERS 🔥

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