Partnership Announcement SPORTE X VIC VENTURES

It’s our pleasure to announce our Partnership with VIC VENTURES — a professional investment organization in the Crypto Market established in January 2022. This handshake helps #SportE reach more and more people all over Viet Nam

🚀We are confident that #SportE will grow much more bigger with VIC VENTURES’s support!


Focus on building core values ​​through:

🔹 Free basic knowledge sharing for newbies

🔹 Link, cooperate, connect with VCs at home and abroad

🔹 Participate in projects at seed and private stages

🔹 Connecting domestic and foreign KOLs & Marketing for the project in each phase

🔹 At the same time, organize professional and useful training courses on crypto to build a quality community with in-depth knowledge in the crypto market.

👉Information about social media channels of VIC VENTURES:

OFFICIAL WEBSITES AND RESOURCES: Official website| Whitepaper| Litepaper|Medium|Linktree
SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter|Discord|Reddit|Fanpage|Instagram|Youtube
MARKETPLACE: SportE Marketplace



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We aim to make #Movetoearn happens in real life and build a healthier lifestyle globally which is more applicable with utilization of Web3.