SportE CMO opened up about the vision of SportE at Blockchain Expo Hanoi 2022


Blockchain Expo Hanoi 2022 took place on May 15th, attracting a huge crowd of over 1000 visitors. SportE was absolutely thrilled to have a brief session, sharing our vision along with the development roadmap in front of leading investors and experts regarding the field.

“Have you ever had to consider whether to go to the gym, or to work that extra hour for that extra cash? Fear not, because SportE is the best solution for a balanced life!” — CMO Quinn Vu began her speech by declaring so.

SportE aims to not only be a Move-to-Earn application, but strive to be what the world needs, which is Fitness-to-Earn (F2E) application. SportE was developed to serve this greater purpose, and sets a goal to make F2E a lifestyle for everyone. SportE gives everyone a chance to be active on all levels: virtuality, socialising, reality, etc. SportE integrates various tools, including augmented reality (AR), so players can interact with their surroundings.

SportE has a passionate team to build and manage international communities such as China, Japan, Thailand, etc. Moreover, SportE hopes for a successful partnership with Unesco to host Marathon tournaments, and all profits from the event will be donated to the Unesco for charity purposes.

When introducing the highlights of SportE, CMO Quinn Vu also emphasised the importance of having an experienced developer team to focus deeply on product development.

“The most important thing is we believe in the SportE. When you are healthy, and be appreciated by a community, your work life also will be blooming.”

SportE is working at full capacity to release full gameplay features while still ensuring smoothness and user-friendliness.

“Other Move-to-earn apps usually have their IDO tokens first, but we focus on perfecting the product before releasing it into the market”.

What the world needs is not only Move-to-Earn, but Fitness-to-Earn (F2E). Our team will do our best to fulfill our mission. Follow us for more updates!

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We aim to make #Movetoearn happens in real life and build a healthier lifestyle globally which is more applicable with utilization of Web3.