SportE — How To Get Started?


Are you looking for a guide on how to play SportE? In this guide, we will guide you step-by-step how to get started with SportE!

Do not wait for long. Let’s get right to it!

STEP 1: Install the SportE App

You should find SportE app on iOS App Store and Android Play Store quite easily. They are free to install.

STEP 2: Create an SportE Account

You need to creat an account via the app by using your email address, and then tapping “Send Code” button. You should received an email with a verification code within a few minutes. If you do not see such an email, please check SPAM folder.

Please paste the verification code into the app and log into the app. You are all set now!

STEP 3: Choose a Shoe Type

You can start to set up your activity goals as you have completely activated your account.

Now, it is very important that you understand how to play SportE. There are 4 types of SportE shoes:

  • Mystic (Optimal Speed 1–4km/hr)
  • Sonic (Optimal Speed 4–12km/hr)
  • Astro (Optimal Speed 4–20km/hr)
  • Flash (Optimal Speed 7–20km/hr)

Each shoe NFT is optimized for a certain type of movement and will only earn $SET if you move within that speed range.

STEP 4: Buy a Shoe NFT on the Marketplace

Marketplace Dashboard
Find your suitable shoes here

Once you choose what type of the shoes is the best for your fitness, you can go to the market place to buy those.

First, If you want to keep it really simple you can just buy a Shoebox and receive a random shoe, but you might get one that’s not ideal for your fitness level.

However, you need to know some important factors that influence your earnings when you want to pick up a certain shoe. There are 5 different attributes that are crucial for gameplay:

  • Strength: Determines the amount of SET earned
  • Luck: Determines the frequency and quality of a Mystic Rune Box drop
  • Comfort: Not in use at the moment
  • Enduring: Determines how much repair cost is needed for your Shoes
  • Beauty: To reduce Shoe customization fee

If you’re still new to it all, please visit this artical: How to choose your first SportE Shoes?

STEP 5: Start Fitness and Earn Rewards

Once you’ve selected your preferred shoe, it’s time to start learning how to play SportE in real life and get moving!

You’ll notice that there are two different caps that impact how much Stamina and SET/SPE you can earn per day. Make sure you have a strong GPS signal, otherwise you won’t earn anything for your movement. It’s also important to stay within your defined speed or else your earning effectiveness will drop.

And for the really clever ones amongst you, don’t even try to cheat. The SportE app has a built-in anti-cheating feature that detects if you’re not actually running or walking like a real human. Please visit this article for more information: SportE has engaged advanced AI/Machine Learning algorithms for Anti-Cheating Mechanics.

STEP 6: Burn or Swap $SET

As you move more and more and on a consistent basis, you’ll start to earn rewards in the form of SET/SPE. Your SET/SPE can be used to do a variety of things within the SportE app, including repairing your shoe, leveling it up, or breeding to create a new shoe NFT.

You can also swap your SET/SPE for BUSD on Pancakeswap, a stable coin pegged to the US Dollar that you can convert to fiat as well.

And that’s all basic ideas of how to play SportE.

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