The Future Move-to-Earn

What is move-to-earn?

Paying people to move is not a novel concept. Users are paid in reward points called sweatcoins, which they can exchange in-app for goods and services like fitness apparel, nutritional products, gadgets, entertainment subscriptions, yoga memberships, and so on. The issue is that users can’t actually cash out their sweatcoins or make money off of them.

How do move-to-earn apps work?

Move-to-earn is still a young category, with many of today’s apps having the same mechanics. These include:

  • Relying on GPS and cellular signals to track a user’s movement. If the signal is choppy, then there’s no guarantee that the user will earn rewards.
  • Utilizing a dual token system. One token is used to reward users, while the other token is used to govern the protocol.
  • Requiring users to make an initial investment (e.g. buying an NFT sneaker) to begin earning rewards.
  • Creating FOMO by limiting the number of users who can join.



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SportE Official | #MoveToEarn #M2E

SportE Official | #MoveToEarn #M2E

We aim to make #Movetoearn happens in real life and build a healthier lifestyle globally which is more applicable with utilization of Web3.