What is #FreeMint and How Can it Be Good for NFT Producers?

What is minting?

After NFT developers create their NFT images, they publish their collection on the blockchain. They do this using a “smart contract”. This smart contract is a package of code that contains a lot of general rules that govern how NFTs work. The smart contract also controls when, how, and who can buy the NFTs at what price, etc.

What is an NFT #FreeMint?

A #FreeMint is when the NFT developers set the minting fee for a collection to zero.

It’s About the Community

NFT developers go to great lengths to build a community.

The Obvious Benefits

Participating in a #FreeMint allows NFT enthusiasts to get new NFTs for almost zero cost.

What are the Drawbacks?

The developers must still create the collection and publish it on the blockchain. This is not a trivial task. And there are some costs.



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